Weekly group

Protocol  COVID-19

People with COVID-19 often have symptoms such as:

  • Cold symptoms (nasal cold, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat)
  • Coughing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Elevated temperature or a fever (above 38 degrees Celsius)
  • Sudden loss of taste and smell (without nasal congestion)

Do you have one or more of these symptoms?

Stay at home, get tested, recuperate.

If you get symtoms after the biodanza lesson, please inform me as soon as possible and stay at home till you are symptom free.

Weekly group:

Do you want to meet others and have more pleasure in life?

Come dance with us and get to know more about yourself. 

If biodanza is new for you, I advise you to come 3-5 times in order to have a feeling what  biodanza is about. 

We dance preferably barefoot, wear loose clothing and don't speak. 

Because of corona, I ask you to bring your own (cotton or woolen) gloves and a shawl.

Costs for weekly group is what you can pay or what you can do, target around 7,50 euro per lesson

Please take your own mug and bottle of water.

If you are interested in biodanza and want to join the group, please give me a call or send me mail.

Agenda 2020:

Biodanza starts in September, every Monday at 17.00.  The door is open at 16.45. The lesson ends at around 18.30 

14/9, 21/9, 28/9, 5/10, 12/10, 26/10,2/11,9/11, 16/11, 23/11, 30/11, 14/12, 21/12

There is no Biodanza at 19/10 en 7/12

International Biodanza Wageningen - Thea Mulders - 0622721084 - info@IBWageningen.nl