About me

In 2004 I started with Biodanza because a psychologist in South Africa recommended to do so. The first time was in a tennis club in Pretoria not far from my home, where I lived. As quite usual with three little kids,  I was busy and often arrived stressed out. Afterwards I felt relaxed but also nervous.  Relaxed by the different slow and also vital dances and nervous because of people looking at me and making eye contact. But most of all, I was touched and went on dancing, until now. I lived my whole life on what other founds necessary and expected from me, from thinks that I thought I have to do.

In biodanza I learned to pay attention to myself, my feeling and wishes. In 2011 I started in the school of Biodanza in Eindhoven. I gave lessons in Ravenstein and Wageningen. In february 2019 I finished my study with a monografy about lovingly contact.

I was born in Lobith as the little one of three sisters. Together with Fred, my partner, I decided to go to Africa. We worked in Mozambique, Tanzania and South Africa and felt very much at home there and enjoyed life. In 2007 we decided to go back to The Netherlands with our three wonderful daughters. In my work as a youth and family worker I meet lots of people from other countries and that makes me happy. In my flow International Biodanza Wageningen was born and arised; a connection of my life in Africa and in The Netherlands. I feel rich and grateful for Life with people around me!

International Biodanza Wageningen - Thea Mulders - 06-22721084 -info@IBWageningen.nl