Weekly group

Weekly group:
Do you want to meet others and have more pleasure in life?

Come dance with us and get to know more about yourself. 

If biodanza is new for you, I advise you to come 3-5 times in order to have a feeling what  biodanza is about. 

We dance preferably barefoot, wear loose clothing and don't speak.

If you are interested in biodanza and want to join the group, please give me a call or send me mail.
Costs for weekly group is what you can pay or what you can do, target amount 5 euro per lesson

The money will be used to organize a biodanza event in summer 2020 and to pay taxes to Buma/Stemra and VBN (biodanza organisation Nederland).

Agenda 2020:

There is no biodanza on 13 April, 27 April, 25 Mai, 1 June. The last time biodanza is on 22 June.

We have holiday from 29 June upto 24 August.

Biodanza starts with a special evening 31 August 2020,  every Monday.

International Biodanza Wageningen - Thea Mulders - 0622721084 - info@IBWageningen.nl - NL 63 - ASNB 0948 7199 74