Weekly group

Weekly group:
Do you want to enjoy life and increase pleasure in life?

Come dance with us and get to know other people. 

The advise is, if biodanza is new for you, to come 3-5 times in order to have a feeling what  biodanza is about. 

We dance preferably barefoot, wear loose clothing and don't speak.

If you are interested in biodanza and want to join the group, please give me a call or send me mail.
Costs for weekly group is what you can pay or what you can do, target amount 5 euro per lesso

The money will be used to organize a biodanza event before summer 2019.


We dance every week until 18th of November. From there on I will be on holiday to my daughter in South Africa, 

so there is no biodanza on 25 of November, 2 en 9 December.

We dance  on 16 and 23 of December. 

30th of December we have no lesson.

In 2019 we start on 6th of January, from there on we'll dance every week.

International Biodanza Wageningen - Thea Mulders - 0622721084 - info@IBWageningen.nl - NL 63 - ASNB 0948 7199 74